Friday, March 28, 2008

L'ile aux Ashby

The river-water dances in the morning sun
on a beautiful April day;

Birds are already feeding their young-
spring is having its way.

Buds are showing on shrubs and trees;
plants coming up lush and green.

The drone of the bees, up in the trees,
told another day was born.

Feel the spring and summer; 
it's in the air;
New growth and colour everywhere.

Colour had exploded
everywhere the eye can see.
It's smiling down on us
whenever we may be.
Gentle breezes, refreshing rain,
and the dancing sun take part.

L'ile aux Ashby


Ribbon Rabbits chase each other
With bumping backs
Go hop, hopping
And their long ears
Go flop, flopping
And they make faces with their noses
And their noses smell the roses
Left and Right
Up and Down

I jump over the fence
And chase them around
But in one corner
A massive bush was found
I saw something moving
Then the leaves start shivering
Faster, and faster
Louder, and louder
So I pushed and I looked
And then I found
A hole in the ground

Hello rabbits, I say
Three babies, hidden away
But still they made faces with their noses
And their noses smell roses
Left and Right
Up and Down

Left and Right
Up and Down
Hide and Seek
So I play.

Left and Right
Up and Down
Hide and Seek
Ribbon Rabbits wants you
So can we play?

Spring/Summer Collection 2008

L'ile aux Ashby 
Spring // Summer Collection 2008
Hide &  Seek at Hong Kong Street

Stay tune for more updates.... :D

Monday, March 24, 2008


Originating in Brooklyn, New York, and now in Japan, Postalco makes items inspired by the international transport of mail. I love their series of document carrying envelopes made from pressed cotton and leather with an adjustable button closure.

BIG lighting, SIMPLE space

There's something so stunning to me about chandelier-type, large lighting fixtures in simple spaces where the lighting is the show stopper of the room...definitely a dream house type piece. All pieces here are by Ochre

Hotel Particulier

The mix of handsome and feminine in the gorgeous Hotel Particulier in Montmartre, France. The mix of modern art and furniture surrounded by a classic townhouse and garden are just beautiful.

Stunning Images

I simply Love these gorgeous images by photographer Erez Sbag.
The top two from Three as Four's new Spring/Summer 08 collection and the bottom.
All pieces have a lovely nature/dance-inspired look.
And regardless how outrageous some may be, the photos are simply stunning.

Friday, March 21, 2008

We are Featured in Catalog Magazine

Thank you Catalog...
L'ile aux Ashby accessories got featured in march issue2008!