Friday, January 29, 2010

L'ile aux Ashby Exclusive Interview with Weekend Weekly Magazine - Hong Kong

Am having my life in Hong Kong! Shop/Eat/Shop/Eat

L'ile aux Ashby was very honour to be selected and gonna be selected to be fashion feature in Weekend Weekly Magazine, March Issue! :)

Have a great Interview/Chat session with Carmen, the fashion/retail/lifestyle journalist of Weekend Weekly Magazine, Hong Kong! in a cosy Tea Cafe @ Causeway Bay.

Thanks Carmen!
See you next Sat in Singapore!

Friday, January 22, 2010

L'ile aux Ashby @ Trioon

Doritos Packaging by Peter Parlov

Mutant Attack chair by Claudio Colucci

French designer Claudio Colucci's Mutant Attack chair playfully remixed original Thonet chairs, but this time the chair become shorter and fatter. Designed for Clear Gallery Tokyo, the Mutant Chair present a sense of humour which most chair is lack of. The chair is made of recycle materials and available in different variation, in CMYK colors.