Monday, May 31, 2010

Vans x Supreme

Malibu & Kulte

Shoes-Up did it last year in the Malibu « Urban Magazines Collection« , Kulte does it this year and refreshes the design of the famous white bottle. You can get the bottles only at Monoprix from July, and for a 10€ bill.

Umbro World Champions Collection

Umbro is proud to present a retrospective of sort this World Cup year with its new World Champions Collection, a limited edition series featuring collaboration with local artists….

Thanks Fabien

Chanel Cassette Clutch

Thanks Fabien

The first 3D newspaper is Chinese….Shiyan Evening News (十堰晚报) in Hubei

Thanks Fabien

Casio G-Shock x Koeurélé ( STEVE PITOCCO )

The French artist Koeurélé’s work who’s worked on 20 Casio G-Shock entirely handmade.

Each model shall be available at Citadium

Thanks Fabien


PERCENTILE fashion bazaar at the Butter Factory | 12 June | 2.30pm - 7pm
{ Independent Multi Label/Cult Brand/Local Labels }

List of Retailers

frufru & tigerlily, Sundays, Mae Pang, Pauline Ning, Nooka, Furrmuse, Nicholas, Pouf Pouf debuting ss2010 "quinn", Actually, Rockstar by Soon Lee, Beluga, Very Wooonderland, Antipodean, Surrealist Love Scene, Dustbunny, Epitome, Depression, dr martens, Sifr, Deja vu vintage, L'ile aux Ashby

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jewel Ling | Photographer

It's my great pleasure to introduce you one awesome talents.
Her name is Jewel Ling who currently based in Penang, Malaysia.
She've been practicing photography since 2009 and most of her techniques and editing are self taught. From the beginning, She've always had a special fondness for the abstract fashion/art photography and out of the many photographers that got her inspired, Steven Meisel has made the transcendent impact on how he imagine and compose his shoots. The way he starts from scratch every time he goes on a shoot, because it's based on whatever influences he's cherry-picked from the culture at that moment.
That's what Jewel want to do or at least what She try.

"Honestly to say, my vision for my future in this line of work is yet to be ultimated but what would be better than to do something that I love so much now. So come what may, I'll be prepared for it. "Jewel Ling
Check out her great works at

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shoe Fix | Put you best foot forward

Step into the limelight with these fierce shoes for fall/winter 2010.
Dare to be different, it’s time those pins are made the star of the show!

I just have to say that what a dangerous year 2010 has been! Any one who lives and breathes fashion will know what I mean, with so many spectacular collections this season; no one is able to escape the fatal shopping dangers.

I believe we have all experienced at one time or another the seduction of a store housing anything from the popular to the cult and obscure labels, the minute you set foot in there, the beauty engulfs and traps you, and soon, you lose track of time, and all you see is that dress, bag or pair of shoes beckoning at you to “OWN ME”!

Guilty as charged. Soon, we will welcome the new season and with that comes more temptations. But we will continue to live as dangerously as tight-rope walking in the infamous Alexander Mcqueen armadillo shoes? Tis the season for ultimate decadence… The starters for fall 2010 to whet your appetite:

Wing-embroidered platform sandal
In my opinion, the fashion king’s last works are his best. This collection was inspired by the art of the Dark Ages, but finding light and beauty in it, as his usual theme of contrasts. These shoes are truly works of art.

Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte Shoes Fall 2010

Love these so much and was at the same time inspired by Veliani’s self-made melting specs which her friend made for her to give out during the Parco next Next launch.

So when I couldn’t get my hands on these, I attempted to add some details to my own patent peep toes by squatting in the bathroom for almost an hour, dripping wax on them. And in fact they didn’t turn out too badly. But the wax just couldn’t stay on. Guess I’ll have to drop by Art Friend to get special wax and sculpting material and when I have the time… I’m going to create my very own masterpiece!

Veliani! If you’re reading this, hook me up with your friend, wouldn’t mind paying her to customize my shoes for me!

They glow too… Another design from the same collection
DSquared F/W Skeletal Heels

Absolutely fell in love when these came down the runway. The perfect marriage between grit and glamour…

Balenciaga Shoes Fall 2010

“Cosmonauts and seventies Formica, packaging and food boxes, synthetic foam and plywood, and a kind of rigidity” That was the inspiration behind the Fall 2010 Balenciaga Shoes, said designer Nicolas Ghesquière. Love the geometric shapes and colour blocking, the colours just look so good together! Definitely something I’d try out.

Don’t Miss these

Spring/Summer may be coming to an end soon, but that doesn’t mean we should leave these gorgeous babies out of our list of cooler than thou footwear. Details, details, details! Keep a lookout for these finishing touches that take fab shoes to a whole new level.

These may seem kinda regular from afar, but wait, crystal studded bullets tucked in the ankle strap! Indeed shoes to dies for…

Giuseppe Zanotti Skull Boots

It’s the ripped effect and loose threads that reinvent this skull motif. In fact the details are so fine that the whole skull look like embroidery done with crystal thread!

These are my favourites from the collection which included other pieces that leaned more towards the tribal and colours inspiration for this collection. I think what sets these apart are also the clever detailing and textures. The wedge this time looks more like a cross between a wedge and a platform heel. The arch at the base flatters the foot and gives the illusion of slimmer ankles the way well designed platform heels would, while the irregular outlines in striking colours adds to the streamlined effect and gives it the Pop Art touch.

Nicholas Kirkwood For Rodarte Spring/Summer 2010 Shoes

So Far, Rodarte + Nicholas Kirkwood have proved to be a winning formula, producing collection after collection of fabulously unique pieces that make you sit up and stare in awe. From the stiletto heel made up of metal bolts to the ultra reflective, crystal-like-cut platform to the colour, texture and cut-out details of the contrasting tribal inspired leather vamp, this one takes the trophy. It is nothing less than a terribly fierce shoe, a product of pure shoe design genius.

Rusty Footwear Chain Shoes Win Shoemania Competition

Though this piece was created and won the Shoemania Competition last year, it is still a piece that I wanted to feature. What a distinctive work of art oozing high-octane drama.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


naKIMuli Spring 2010 Lookbook (Lock U Up In Luv For Days)

naKIMuli (nah-KIM-u-lee): originates from Uganda; means flower.

naKIMuli is definitely a label for young forward-thinking fashionistas. Designed by Tennille Nakimuli Shanae McMillan, naKIMuli is an exclusively limited quantity-produced ready-to-wear clothing line for young women. From her use of jersey fabrics to her unique silhouettes and use of colors and patterns, Tennille McMillan’s creations clearly reflect the spirit of her native Brooklyn ---youthful, fresh, and funky. naKIMuli---America's Funky Sweetheart

Lock U Up In Luv For Days

The look of love. The colors of spring. The energy of Brooklyn.With this collection, I wanted to capture the feeling of a spring fling; of meeting that special someone in Fort Greene Park and spending the spring days and evenings with him. Getting to know him. Enjoying the weather. And wearing outfits that would make you feel young and fun and flirty.

oh yea, they do plus sizes from 1X-3X.

Thanks Kelly

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

S I M O N E K R E L I U S A / W 10-11

P H O T O G R A P H Y - J E N N I P O R K K A
A R T D I R E C T I O N - S A S H A R A I N B O W
S E T D E S I G N - V I N C E N T O L I V I E R I
M A K E U P - A F T O N R.
A S S I S T A N T - C H R I S T O F F E R H E D B E R G