Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jewel Ling | Photographer

It's my great pleasure to introduce you one awesome talents.
Her name is Jewel Ling who currently based in Penang, Malaysia.
She've been practicing photography since 2009 and most of her techniques and editing are self taught. From the beginning, She've always had a special fondness for the abstract fashion/art photography and out of the many photographers that got her inspired, Steven Meisel has made the transcendent impact on how he imagine and compose his shoots. The way he starts from scratch every time he goes on a shoot, because it's based on whatever influences he's cherry-picked from the culture at that moment.
That's what Jewel want to do or at least what She try.

"Honestly to say, my vision for my future in this line of work is yet to be ultimated but what would be better than to do something that I love so much now. So come what may, I'll be prepared for it. "Jewel Ling
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