Friday, January 19, 2007

L'ile aux Ashby first interview

It was a windy evening while walking towards Rowell Road, the place where the interview will be conducted with Rage from MAAD. We were informed that MAAD will be coming up with its own issue in the magazines and we're gonna appear on the first issue!

Along the way, we just couldn't resist and stopped by at one of the Indian stalls for some pratas and a cup of "Teh-Tarik" (known as the Indian tea in S'pore). After fulfiling our cravings, we headed for our destination.

Upon arrival at the gate of the 2 storey high building, we were introduced to some of Rage's friends who are tenants in the house. Most of them are involved in design fields and you can say they are all MAAD ppl who are willing to do anything outgrageous for ART.

As Rage was in a midst of the interview with the MakiSquarePatch , we began to explore the place and found out the backyard was full of graffitis on the walls. Guess what we found? ?? ------ White Dot Bobby was featured on the wall! Haha.. It was done tastefully by Candy previously and heard from Rage she' nearly wanted to continue drawing on the rest of the streets...

While waiting in the kitchen, sitting at the old square wooden table with fabulous lightings hanging, we enjoy the whole atmosphere, with music played from the apple laptop, blasting from speakers together with taste of wine and the nice local food --------> satays!!! And they're yummy!

Time for interview!! The whole process turned out to be casual and we really like that.
Rach did an informal interview with us and she had it going smoothly and also recorded down our conversations so that it doesnt turn out to be too cheesy yet original. Perhaps it's due to her warm personality that we dont feel pressurized at all throughout the process.. "Hey Rach, nice gal you are ! and keep it going !!"
Not forgeting the new friends we've meet there, we hereby wish you all the best to your future endeavors ....!
P.S.It's been raining these days, be careful not to let the cold catch u ya.

Best regards,
L'ile aux Ashby Team

MAADZINE fashion spread shoot
20Jan 2007 sat 10am @ Rowell Road, Dennis's Studio
Talents to be reveal soon
Fashion Stylist: Yuè

* More updates of the shoot-in-progress ^ ^

till then,
have an enjoyable weekend :)

L'ile aux Ashby team

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