Saturday, January 26, 2008

{Ribbon Rabbit}
Animals, critters, fauna, flora, animal instincts
Ribbon Rabbit inspires from the adorable critters skittering about in Mother Nature’s embrace. We pick on the structure of the animal kingdom and turn the fauna into playacting characters. Our accessories are a translation of this concept, and we mean it literally when we say Ribbon Rabbit creates conversation pieces.
- Backstage -
Ray and Jo grew up in a time of Wonderland-ish cartoons and National Geographic documentaries. Over a cup of delicious tea, they suddenly decided to combine their creative energies to create something outlandishly fun and elaborate for the folks here.
Like a lot of artists, Ray and Jo get their inspiration from the wonderpot called Mother Nature. But unlike the others, they prefer to focus on the beauty of the animal kingdom and its creatures.
Keep an eye out for Ribbon Rabbit’s 2008 Spring/Summer Collection!

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