Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The House of Cats by Swarovski

Created in 2006, Lovlots City by Swarovski has since welcomed a number of residents, including mice, turtles, dogs and more.

The House of Cats is the latest addition to the Lovlots City. Designed by Edith Mair & Stefanie Nederegger for Swarovski, the new residents of Lovlots City are seven colourful cats with their individual poses, chracters and forms- to won the hearts of many cat lovers.

Theo- In Jet Nut crystal, Theo crouches and prepares himself for yet another adventure. His Chalk White crystal eyes with black printed pupils peer inquisitively. You can almost sense his Jet crystal nose twitch with excitement.

Emily- Dreamy, playful and ever the romantic, Emily the cat reflects deep shades of pink off her fully faceted Fuchsia crystal body. A silver-tone metal butterfly sits gently on her ear as she watches it with her Chalk White crystal eyes and printed black pupils.

Marie and Pierre- They make quite a couple. Calm and relaxed, Marie comes in vibrant shades of Kakadu Red Satin crystal. A small heart in Chalk White crystal dangles gracefully around her neck. Pierre complements her beautifully in Indian Sapphire crystal. This cute and charming couple are clearly in love. Diane makes quite a statement sitting tall and proud in fully faceted Golden Shadow crystal. Her ears and tail create a stunning contrast in Smoky Quartz crystal. Her Aquamarine crystal eyes with black printed pupils glitter with intelligence. She loves her classic Light Creamrose Pearl necklace.

Ines- Fashionable and feline, Ines gleams in Shadow crystal with her contrasting ears and tail in the darker shades of Morion crystal. Her blue Aquamarine crystal eyes with black printed pupils fill with pride as she poses elegantly with her Dark Grey Pearl necklace.

Camille – who once had celebrity status with the spotlight constantly on her – is wise in her ways. She loves to spend some quiet time in the comfort of her own home.

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