Monday, June 15, 2009

We are mentioned in HIDDEN GARMENTS

Thank you so much for mentioning L'ile aux Ashby!
much appreciated.

New Collection (July 2009)
New RE-vamped Website ( July 2009 )

"Of an excellent grade"

" A small elaborate element of a work, craft, or design"

" That which only a privileged minority has access to"

L'ile aux Ashby
(Pronounced "L" "OR" "ASH" "B" : 
A fashion label for the discerning urbanite;
Design that encompass all the above qualities."

L’ile aux Ashby loves playing with shapes and forms, mixing the hard with the soft, the old with the new. Artfully hand-crafted, L’ile aux Ashby designs are edgy yet stylish, and speak to different personalities and moods.  

Our collection pieces are never about flaunting the size of that stone, but a celebration of the pleasures of fashion. 

L’ile aux Ashby has been featured in numerous publications including The Straits Times, Female, STYLE, Her World, Women’s Weekly, Seventeen, Catalog, Juice, Arena, Teenage, Teens, and more. 

Till then, more updates soon.....

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