Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Blossa 2009 by BVD

For the seventh year since the premiere for Blossa annual edition mulled wine, BVD is presenting the new Blossa year 2009 edition. This year new Blossa has an intense orange colour bottle, which reflected the wine's taste of clementines, imparting the traditional Christmas feeling combined with a vigorous freshness. The decor unites the figures 0 and 9 into something that looks like icing on a Christmas biscuit or the trace of a skate blade on winters ice.

Together with the Blossa 2009 are two premium varieties of Blossa Light mulled wine,Blossa Orange and Blossa Lingonberry which borrows its excellent quality of design and ingredients from Blossa annual edition mulled wine. Bottles with an elegant silhouette and graphic expression make them worthy representatives on any drinks tray.

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