Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ode to the Future Tribe - L'ile aux Ashby

Anticipate the future, yet honour culture and tradition. This is what Ode to the Future Tribe collection is all about. Fusing timeless tribal patterns with a futuristic edge, expect a style of exotic modernity. A dash of architectural cuts is inherent in this collection, giving the look of sharpness and finesse. The mergence of simple shapes and dual inspirations is an organised chaos – a blend of unique minimalism. L’ile aux Ashby’s designs are often limited in number but it is always for fashion individualists with a penchant for style, quality and exclusivity. Be intrigued with these hybrid pieces; a sign of fashion forwardness.

Catch us at our first Debut Fashion Show 6th Nov PARCO @ Millenia Walk 7pm
Preview Collection > Deja Vu Vintage

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