Thursday, February 25, 2010

David Koma

David Koma presented us with a highly graphic, structured yet easy collection this season.

While excellently executed we are tiring of the whole overly architectural silhouette trend and were expecting and needing to see something new. The Wilma Flintstone-esque seems and panelling emphasised the fitted nature of the pieces, removing the need for structural elements in this paired back collection. However there was nothing Stone Age about this, references were most definitely towards the future with the colour palette limited to a very minimal black, grey and nude.

In the latter part of the collection we were treated to some classic Koma with the 3D, spiral interpretation of the zigzag accompanied by our favourite soundtrack Cerrone’s Supernature which perfectly suited the mood. The beautifully crafted, glistening details made from zip teeth are stunning but more in an art sculpture type of way rather than the we want to wear this way.

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