Friday, February 26, 2010

Fiat 500

A unique color for a renowned model

With Fiat 500 Pink So, Fiat launches for the 1st time in its history an ultra limited series for a mythical model: only 100 copies – in the pink “Pink So” exclusive color - are marketed in France.

Besides its collector painting, Fiat 500 So Pink, sold at a price of € 14 900, also distinguishes itself by its level of particularly rich equipment. Fiat 500 Pink So won’t “blush” in front of its competitors, thanks to its Start & Stop, automatic sunroof, automatic climate control and the Blue & Me series.

A limited number of copies, a select new fashion

The 100 Fiat 500 So Pink models are available immediately, as Fiat decided to put in place a unique way of marketing: to order this exceptional version, it is imperative to first pre-order the car online at /500sopink before confirming your order with your local Fiat dealer. Pre-orders can be placed starting the 26th of October. Attention! Latecomers may not see the color!

Fiat 500 So Pink puts fashion victims on the run even before its launch Fiat 500 So Pink, in partnership with Sarenza, puts the fashionitas on the run. Fiat 500 So Pink is actually the official car of the now legendary “course en escarpins” a sprint competition in which all competitors sprint on 8cm heels. After selections are completed in France, the final is scheduled for 20th of November in Paris.

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