Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Qi GLOBAL 2010

In our constant pursuit of progress and innovation, what can we learn from each another, our ancient history and from natural eco-systems?
The challenges the world is facing require the utmost of human intelligence, imagination and creativity. In a sense, being in harmony with nature is more than just reducing our impact on nature; rather it is about becoming more a part of nature.We wanted a central transformative concept that can be addressed by many people, over many years and in many ways. The idea of Human Progress in Harmony with Nature has the ability to be unifying across religions and cultures, public and private-sector corporations, developed and developing nations.Qi GLOBAL is not just another gathering or conference. It’s a movement geared for action. It’s a think-tank for acting on better solutions within an imperfect world. We present the people and companies at the forefront: the new global leaders of social & environmental action

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